Eleven Months


This is your last month to be a “baby”. I’m not ready to tell people when asked that you’ll be one year old next month. You’re my baby, and always will be, no matter how many months you get under your belt. I know you have to get older, and I will have to accept it no matter what, but your turning in to a toddler is coming on so fast!

BabyK – 11 Months

Lately, your dad and I have been thinking back to the day you were born and the weeks prior. This time last year, we were getting ready for our annual beach trip and making plans of how on earth Daddy would go enjoy his week while I had to stay home most of the week and work to save days for after I had you. And when we were at the beach, I was a waddling whale with you in my huge, swollen belly. Daddy had to put my socks and shoes on for me because I couldn’t reach them. And now? We’re getting ready for your first official beach trip ever. You’re going to see the big Atlantic ocean with the whole crew. And I have to say that I’m excited and scared to death all at once. It’s our first big vacation together. Away from home. I’m sure we’ll have a ton of fun though. Oh, which reminds me, we have to stock up on your Gerber puffs… we can’t have you eating the sand!

You’re exploring the house with your new-found confidence and crawling abilities, as well as your ability to pull yourself up into stand. You can get anywhere in no time. Doors to rooms that are not baby-safe are being closed off, and everything else is being baby-proofed on a constant basis as much as possible. I swear, our floor has never been vacuumed this much! Everything must be tasty to you because you find even the most minute thing and shove it into your mouth before we can take it out of your hand. I’m just dreading the day we find you trying to eat a bug or something and I go into total freak-out mode followed by meltdown phase.

Playing with Daddy’s Kindle during his photoshoot!

You’re learning now consonants and vowels now, and pretty soon, you’re going to be able to say “mama” or “dada” and “hey” very clearly. You try now, but you know it’s not quiiiiiite right, so you keep saying them. You’re doing great though. I can’t wait to hear you say “mama” for the first time, even though I know “dada” will be your first one since everything is “dadadadadadadadadada ppphhhlllttt” right now.

This week you’ll be going for your first visit to an ENT. I’m sorry buddy, but your ears just don’t want to clear up and stay well, so we’re seeing about having tubes put in to help your ears. It pains me to see you constantly on antibiotics and practically rubbing your ears off because they’re either itching or in pain. I want to make it better for you so bad, so I hope this helps you out.

And, as far as dairy, your body is learning that you can’t have it. How do we know this? Because, though you still break out somewhat, you spew every last thing you ate if you ever get even the tiniest bit in your stomach. People keep saying that it’s a good thing, but somehow, I don’t feel any better about your allergy. Time will only tell if you ever grow out of it. And if you do, please forgive me for the meltdown I’m promising you I’ll have. I’ll probably hug and kiss the daylights out of you (not that I don’t do that now, but you know….).

Baby, I love you sooo very much. This past year – from awaiting the last moments until your arrival until now – have been the best months of my entire life. I never knew having you would bring so much joy into my life. I love you to pieces and nothing will ever change that.


♥ to the moon and back,




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2 responses to “Eleven Months

  1. So cute! Its hard to believe my son will be doing that stuff in a few months; right now he’s just sitting on the floor (except when he topples over) and jumping in his exersaucer. And smiling a lot. The smiles and laughs are the best part. He’s been thru his share of ear infections and antibiotics too, but we’ve had a month without a problem, so I’m hoping it’s cleared up by now. But from all the parents who’ve gone with tubes, they said it makes a world of difference and regret not doing it earlier. I hope everything works out well!

  2. I love these posts – Kerri S. @sixuntilme is great with them too. I think it is wonderful that years from now your little ones will look back and be able to read how you publicly adored them. Unlike baby books that get lost in moves or ruined when the basement floods (my moms excuse that I don’t have a baby book) the internet is forever and your little man will be able to read how awesome he and his family was even before he entered this crazy unpredictable world.
    That 1 year old birthday comes way too fast (Im convinced the earth revolution around the sun increased in speed each year my kids were infants). I don’t have to remind you to cherish every stinking minute because clearly you already are. While I don’t wish your little man to grow faster than absolutely necessary I do look forward to being along for the cyber ride.

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