FridayFind – Diabete-ezy Test Wipes

A month or so ago, I wrote to Elissa Renouf, the co-founder of, asking her if she would send me a sample of the Test-Wipes and the Pumper’s logbook they have on their site to use for a FridayFind post. Since I have received and have been using the wipes, (and while I have a few minutes to spare) I am now sharing about them with you.

At first glance, the Test-Wipes are sort of like miniature baby wipes. And to honestly, the box and refills are sort of assembled the same way. Simply pull the middle cover out, peel off the refill pack top, place it in the canister, pull the first wipe through and replace the middle cover.

If you have a large testing case, such as their Ezy-Fit cases or a similar one, you can velcro the wipe to the inside so you always have them available.

So other than looking like an adorably cute mini-baby-wipe holder, what is the advantage of using these over standard alcohol testing wipes from your local drug store?

These contain NO alcohol.

The cleaning ingredient is 2% Clorexidine Gluconate, which can remove dirt, residue, and most anything else that may end up on your fingers without leaving alcohol behind that may actually give you a false reading. These also will not dry out your fingers like alcohol can.

Speaking of drying, some people have issues with dry skin after using alcohol wipes to clean site areas for CGMs or infusions sites. Since these don’t have the alcohol, they won’t dry your skin. They’ve actually helped with my sites.

As for the Pump Logbook, I like the design of it. It’s not like other books that either don’t have enough spaces or have way too many. There’s spots for before and after meals, as well as one for snack (or tea) time, so it gives you space for at least 9 tests per day. It’s both comprehensive and simple at the same time, and I like that. It’s really the only one that I’ve been able to use and not lose my mind with due to the lack of spaces.

It also has space to log your meals or snacks – not just the carbs eaten, so you can look back and see what you ate that may have given you trouble with a later low or high bg reading.

One downfall for me personally is that they are not a US based company. They are from the “down-under” – Queensland, Australia, as a matter of fact. If you live there, shipping cost wont’ be a problem. Since I’m in the USA, the shipping can be quite expensive (about $16) for just one order, so my advice would be to order a big order. You can get the starter kit for $6.95 that will include 100 wipes, and then order maybe 2 or 3 boxes of refills (200 wipes) for $10.95 each. Also, the Pump log books are $2.95 and keep up to 60 days of information. While it can get quite expensive, I do believe the product is worth the money. I need refills now, so I’m probably going to order today sometime and stock up.

Suga-rating for today’s FridayFind?


3 1/2 out of 5.



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3 responses to “FridayFind – Diabete-ezy Test Wipes

  1. I have had the hardest time finding a log book that has enough room for everything related to pumping. Looks interesting. And I don’t use alcohol wipes often at all because it dries out my skin so much :/ Thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. R C

    😀 I LOVE these wipes. My daughter uses them and they are just so convenient!

  3. Melissa

    We use all of the Diabete-ezy products (except the pump stuff since my son uses a pen).. but my son was diagnosed in Australia so we have the advantage of sending them with family members who visit us in the U.S. – we also stocked up big time before we moved to the U.S. – Best products ever and their cases are amazing. Our U.S. Endo’s are always impressed with how well thought our their products are.. made and designed by people with diabetes – that’s why! Not sure if you know but the Renouf family (owners and founders of Diabete-ezy) have a very close connection with T1D. Steve Renouf (the husband half and a famous ex-pro rugby player in Oz) is T1D and 4 of their 5 children are T1D. I like spending my money for diabetes products on companies like this. 🙂 Spend the money on shipping.. its worth it.

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