Arm sites for my sensors have been awesome. My readings are great, and I’ve been able to use my sensors for a full 6 days, as opposed to only 3 as before. I’m not sure what it is about that area, but apparently it’s the best one yet. Maybe because I rarely use it for insulin sites, so there’s not that much scar tissue?

Anyway, I’ve been doing my sensor insertions there manually (GASP!). Why? Because I can’t get the darn Sen-serter off. After a conversation with Scott from Rollin In The D (@Scott_InTheD) and Shannon (@ShanMarengo), I made a video showing how I do them:

The next thing that Scott brought up was the straightness of the sensor. It would seem that manual insertion might would cause it to bunch up or kink possibly or something, so I took a picture of the used sensor after I removed it:

Used Manually-inserted Sensor

Not bad.

So I don’t know if it’s because I manually inserted it or if my arms are the holy-grail for my sensor sites or a combo of both or none of the above and I just have had 2 great sensors, but either way, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so ain’t fixin’ it. 😉 (Had to throw a little southern charm in there, ya know.)



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2 responses to “Slow-Poking

  1. Like I said on Twitter, you sure are talented! When I pull my sensors out and the wire is twisted like a corkscrew, I often wonder if it’s always been that way, or if it’s just the haphazard way I rip it out. They NEVER look like that. Nice job!

    I’m wondering if it’s worth making a video of how I do it with the ‘serter. Does anyone care? (Now that I’ve recorded my first video, a You Can Do This, I have a strange itch to do another).

  2. I’m still amazed that you do it without the serter – I have a hard time doing it WITH it.. I can’t imagine doing it without .. but maybe that’s because I scarred myself (pardon the pun) in the olden days when I had to insert my pump that way… :/ Who knows.
    And Scott – yours comes out twisted like a corkscrew? Wth? I’ve never seen that. Mine comes out straight, albeit a little bent.. but looks pretty much like it did when it went in. Take a picture next time! And thanks for the reminder that I’ve been wanting to do a video for YCDT.

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