FridayFind – The FastClix

Last week, I wrote about the CVS promotion that was going on at the time where I was able to get an Accu-chek Nano meter with new Fast-Clix lancet device for free (pretty much, after a mail-in rebate) and, thanks to CVS’ Reward bucks, get yet another one.

While I do not have any strips to be able to do a review of the Nano meter, (why oh why do meter companies not include the usual 10 strips any longer is beyond me. Cause they should!) they did include 2 lancet drums per new meter, so I was able to start using the FastClix right away.

At first glance, it’s black. Not a big fan of that. I wish it were like my Ol’ Blue (Not the dog, my MultiClix lancet device).

Accu-Chek FastClix Lancet poker

It’s built different in that, as it claims, it’s one-click action to poke your finger. Just place, push, and your finger is poked.

The white button on the side is for advancing the lancet. Granted, Ol’ Blue could just be twisted on the end, but I never remembered to do it. With the button placement on the FastClix, I remember it more often now. I kinda do things backwards from the MultiClix. MC: Push to load, press to poke. FC: Press to poke, push to advance lancet. Still two steps, but I’m at least “changing” my lancet more often, which is a good thing.

One thing I think is pretty awesome is how you can tell if you’ve advanced it without advancing it. If you look in the poker hole, it’s either a black hole or it looks like there is plastic. If it’s a hole-hole, then it’s already been used. If  it looks white like there’s some sort of plastic under the lancing hole, then it’s advanced to the new one. See?

Brand new drum. No holes yet.

Two used lancets, Four remaining

Here it is in action:

In the end, my only complaint about it is that it’s black. Standard medical black. Hey, why not give us “skins” for it like you have for the Nano meter, Accu-Chek? That’d be cool! Plus, it would give extra “grip” to it, yes? 😉 I do think that the new design does, however, make me more apt to “forward” my lancet more, making for healthier poking.

Suga-rating for this week’s FridayFind?


5 out of 5


I was not given the Accu-Chek FastClix for free from Accu-chek. I just happened to find the Nano meter on sale at my local CVS and one was included in it. I paid the $9.99 up-front out of my pocket and am awaiting it to be rebated to me through the use of the rebate form included in the box.



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