(Another) FridayFind – YCDT Project Turns 1

This (second) FridayFind is a cool one. You know why?

  1. It’s free
  2. Great support
  3. Awesome leaders
  4. Did I mention it’s free??

You may have heard of it….

It’s not really a product though (unless you buy the T-shirt).

It’s the You Can Do This Project, created by Kim Vlasnik.

Why are you still here?? Go on over and check it out. You won’t regret it. And if you’re feeling kinda spunky, join in and share your thoughts and encouragement in your own video, and be sure to tell Kim that you’ve done it so she can add your video to the list.


To Kim and the whole YCDT crew:

You did it! You’ve created a social support phenomenon by taking a common, every day phrase and turning it into something that means so much to all of the DOC, and anyone else that may be looking for words of encouragement.

Thank you and congrats on your 1 year anniversary.


Suga-Rating for this FridayFind?


5 out of 5, of course!!! (with an extra one thrown in!)


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