Wording – Incurable Disease

“I hope that your own family never suffers the tragedy of losing a child to an incurable disease.”

Really? Is this your sucker-punch to the gut line, Marlo? I understand the mission behind St. Jude. I have always donated when asked and my budget allowed. I applaud your mission to provide free care to children who need it.  To make their lives as happy as can be.

But wording is everything.

My “family” loses children to diabetes every day, just as cancer takes others away. I do not agree with using cancer as your only pivot point of reaching out for funds, as your research is not limited to only cancer.

But most importantly, I do not agree with your marketing scheme of placing a guilt trip on potential contributors. Why can you not just state the facts as others have (See: 1 in 20 ad)?

I hope and pray every single day that Kip will not be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and have to live as I have for the past almost 24 years. I have dreams and nightmares about him being a diagnosed with T1, and scary moments where I’m  not able to protect him or fears of losing him in his sleep. It’s a reality for far too many parents out there. Even still, if something were to happen to me, my parents would be that family who have lost a “child” to this incurable disease.

Maybe I’m going off on a totally wrong tangent, and for that, I do sincerely apologize. But please hear me out.

Cancer takes lives.

Diabetes takes lives.

Guilt trips for money-raising tactics are low-blows, especially when you don’t realize who you’ve just sent your mass-distributed letter to.


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