Duck Tape

So, while wondering through Wal-Mart looking for the perfect bag/carrying pouch / etc. to put my sensor charger, SenSerter, extra sensors, batteries, etc for my every-day bag, I found myself in the craft department looking for solutions there. I thought maybe, since people would need to carry beads in small pouches, maybe they would have some magical case there.

While I didn’t find the magical case I was looking for there, I did see something else that caught my eye…

You got it. Duct Tape. That led to the idea of “hey! I could cut it out and make it into a skin for my meter! Yey fashion!”

After carefully cutting a piece of paper towel to the outline of the blue area ( I chose paper towel because it’s not too thick and can somewhat be seen through. Rice paper probably would have been better, but I didn’t have any on-hand.) Then, I laid it on the Duck Tape, taped down the edges, and cut it out. The hard part was cutting out the spots for the buttons. They look a little rough around the edges, but hey, it works.

Then I thought, Hey! I could take an extra little piece and cover over my shell! So I did, and carefully cut around the edges there. Yey! Now it looks cute too! I didn’t put it all the way up to the connector port just so that I would know for certain that it would have no connection issues. I worried about the little green light after I plugged it in to my new sensor spot, but I actually could still see it blinking, so yey again! Maybe for the future though, I’ll hole-punch a little hole just to be sure though.

Kinda looks like a lady bug, doesn’t it??? 🙂

Not bad for a little creativity and $1.88, huh? I’m sure the tape on the sensor will come off as it gets older and wet, but that’s okay… I still have more than a half-sheet left! Hahahaha!



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3 responses to “Duck Tape

  1. Jen

    Great skin! I have a Kipling small cosmetic bag for my everyday carry all – it is small yet expands. Holds my ultra link meter and a back up mini, lancets, batteries, even a separate area for old strips, and int he back, a roll of glucose tabs, an inhaler for the asthma, a reservoir and a Mio back up set. It looks small – but expands to hold ALOT. This is the website.

  2. Jen

    It has a zipper on top, and one zippered comparment in the middle, 2 small unzippered comparmtments inside and 2 larger unzippered compartments inside. I also get a vial of insulin in there too.

  3. Nice job on the arm-insertion! I’m amazed at how smooth the tape is over the curved sensor.

    Do you not put IV3000 (or anything) over the whole thing? I’d think when you take that off, the Duck Tape would come off as well.

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