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Okay, so there’s a buzz going around the twitter DOC about the new Accu-chek FastClix. I have been eyeing it since I saw Sara’s video and post about it. I’ve been trying to find one of my own for as cheap as possible {Read: a baby drains your funds like no other!}. This morning, I went to CVS, with full intentions on just biting the bullet and paying $20 for a meter I wouldn’t probably be using just so I could get the clicker. While I was at it, I grabbed a box of lancet drums too… yet another $18.

When I got to the register, lo and behold, it was on sale. $9.99 with ExtraCare card. I didn’t have mine, but the totally awesome and oddly cheerful guy at the register let me use a new one.  YEY! I felt so much better about my purchase when I got back to my truck. I knew already I’d just have to eat the cost of the lancet drums, because just as strips, those don’t go on sale (or not that I’ve ever seen) and my insurance will not pay for lancets, even with prescription. When the receipt printed, I had a coupon for $9.99 ExtraCare bucks to use in the store. I thought, Hmm… wow… they must have scanned that card a lot. But upon closer look at my receipt when I got into work this morning, I saw this:

"Here are your ExtraBucks Rewards for having purchased select Accu-chek Nano Meters:"

Heck Yeah again!! So not only is the meter on sale, but they are pretty well giving you the purchase price of the meter back! So, in essence, it’s FREE! Not to mention, inside of the box, you have a mail-in-rebate card for up to $15 of the purchase price with copy of your receipt…. so you get yet another $9.99 back, you just have to wait 4-6 weeks to get it.

I don’t know how much longer it will be on sale, or if the offer is available everywhere (although I would think it would be since CVS is a chain store, but I have been wrong about that before). All I know is I’m probably going to go back on my lunch break or after work to get another one. YEY!

And, maybe, I’ll get the rebate money back in time to buy another box of those expensive lancet drums.

***UPDATE*** I went back at lunch and was able to get another meter with the ExtraBucks Rewards coupon for FREE. I didn’t even have to pay tax! And, once again, I got another ExtraBucks Rewards coupon for $9.99. I doubt I’ll get another one though. I may use it for another box of lancet drums though. I also may use the $15 copay card in the box to get a box of strips and test out the meter for a FridayFind post! It looks awesome and kinda cute.


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