Ten Months

My sweet BabyK,

You turned 10 months old Saturday. I’m a few days late in writing, but mommy is also trying to put herself through school before you become of school age, and one of her classes is kicking her butt, and taking every spare second when she is away from you or while you’re napping, so forgive me for being late.

You are growing from a baby, into a toddler… and fast. Though you’ll always be my baby, you’re quickly growing out of your alias of “BabyK”. So, your dad and I have decided to change your alias to “Kip”. (Not to mention whenever we decide to bring your little brother or sister into the picture, we wouldn’t want you to be BabyK1 and them, BabyK2… because then that would lead to a WHOOOLE lot of confusion with the famous K2 of the d-blogger world.)

You’re a mover and a shaker, crawling everywhere you want to go. I was beginning to worry because you hadn’t been making any attempts to do it, but it seemed that just over night, you decided that you wanted to go… and you went. You cover our living room in a split second it seems to get to your intended destination.

You have a new activity before bed called “fighting sleep”. I knew the day was coming, but oh how it seems to have come so quickly. You flip-flop around like a fish, crying out in irritation, afraid you’ll miss something I assume. But we learned quickly that trying to let you tire out in your crib is not going to work, because you stand on your knees and yell from the side… and sometimes, you slap the wall to get us to come get you. So, we come get you after the dozenth time of tucking you back in and we rock. I know it’s not good for you (or so the articles say), but I want to hold you. You’re little now, and there will come a time when you can’t be rocked any longer, so I want to hold on to these times and cherish them.

We also found out you’re not allergic to eggs. Yey! Also, you’re safe to have soy as well. But, you are still ever so allergic to milk and it’s biproducts, so those are still on the no-no list. I think maybe we tested you too quickly on the eggs and soy after a reaction to milk, and you may not have been allergic all along. One thing is for certain… we now know to give you watered down G2 once a day and it helps your rash, and also helps you recover from a reaction faster. I don’t know what it is about it, but you have stayed clear (with the exception to the yogurt test we did) ever since… not even the “paci rash” – as the doctor calls it – has come back. I’m amazed. And thankful.

You also love to play in the water. A far cry from the days of endless screaming when your skin would hit water before. You splash and kick, and even give me a fit when I take you out of the water. Oh, and the big pool at Aunt Lin’s? Love.IT! I’m so glad you’re turning into a water baby. We’re going to have so much fun on our beach trip this year.

I love you, baby. Every last bit of you. My heart grows with you. Just when I don’t think I could ever love you more, and like my heart would burst if it tried, it grows even bigger.

I love you (I’ll never stop saying it either….)

To the moon and back.


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  1. Happy Ten Months, Baby K!!!! Thanks for sharing this, Sarah!

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